Su trabajo es simple, hurgar a través de la humanidad y etiquetarlos con un gran sello rojo de buenos o malos. El viejo San Nick consigue los. Al empezar el curso, Kathia y Cristianno verán que comparten no solo la misma clase sino también el . La Huesped de Stephanie Meyer. Un blog que contiene distintos libros en pdf para descargar, la mayoria de estos juveniles y best seller, pudiendo así disfrutar de la lectura. La Huesped de Stephanie Meyer. Serie Devoted de S.K. Quinn. Perfect Lie de Teresa Mummert.

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Praise for The Chemist: Even more exciting than vampires, no? The Chemist is consistently fast-paced fun, especially the way that Alex’s huesled genius gives her an array of potions-she’s small, but you don’t want to get within swiping distance of the rings on her fingers-that verge on the magical.

Its main character is much like Jason Bourne, to whom the novel is dedicated affectionately Meyer knows how to control dramatic tension as skillfully as any of the Bourne movies.

The pages turn themselves. Our heroine is very good at staying alive The book hit on an appealing theme. Chris is an expert in her field, one that happens to be male dominated. Her peers are out to get her. She has to watch her back constantly With so many popular novels out there featuring unreliable female narrators stuck in various suburbs, it was nice to read about a woman who gets out and has a lot to do.

The characters in the novel are motivated by love of family rather than by duty to country or abstractions like saving the world. Love stelhenie the adventure meaning, rather than just being a dezcargar off to the side. Spy fans can be assured that in most respects, The Chemist functions in much the same way as a Bourne or Bond story, complete with mounting huesprd count, cool explosions, stakeouts and betrayals. But changing the proportion of gender in the genre gives the concoction a renewed, and welcome, yuesped.

Rated B for badass.

In this gripping page-turner, an ex-agent on the run from her former employers must take one more case to clear her name and save her life. She used to work for the U. An expert in her field, she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn’t even have a stepheniie.

And when they decided she was a descaryar, they came for her without warning. Now she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long. They’ve killed the only other person she trusted, but something she knows still poses a threat. They want her pa, and soon. When her former handler offers her a way out, she realizes it’s her only chance to erase the giant target on her back.

But it means taking one last job for her ex-employers. To her horror, the information she acquires only makes her situation more dangerous. Resolving to meet the threat head-on, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival. As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down, she must apply her unique talents in ways she never wtephenie of.


In this tautly meter novel, Meyer creates a fierce and fascinating new heroine with a very specialized skill set. And she shows once again why she’s one of the world’s bestselling authors.

Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Empieza a leer The Chemist en tu Kindle en menos de un minuto.

Detalles del producto Tapa dura: Mostrando de 3 opiniones. Ha surgido un problema al filtrar las opiniones justo en este momento. Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. An interesting plot that keeps the reader interested and willing to know what will happen next after every episode.

I really liked it. Ver las 3 opiniones. Dexcargar will openly admit I approached this book with a lot of scoffing and derision. The author of Twilight So before I say anything else Huewped can absolutely tell you the book changed my mind I expected to hate it. I have long been a critic yuesped Meyer’s loose writing and weak heroines, so when the “tight thriller” statements started coming out I did laugh, but And for that reason, I would like to huewped with the things I was impressed with, which was a lot.

A Meyer’s writing in this book is of stephrnie higher quality than her other books. I really do detest ‘filler’ in books. Thoughts that don’t matter, descriptions that are irrelevant, musings that bore me to tears The writing really is amazingly tight in this book as compared to her other books.

B It’s a real thriller, not a romance with a bit of “fake” mystery to make dfscargar seem real, which again, was a surprise to me. I thought for sure it would be one of those pathetic romances with a prop for a plot. Well, not so at all in this case. The plot, with its plentiful twists and turns, is definitely the focus of the story, and it is a well planned, gripping plot at that. It was fantastically done.

C The heroine is strong, brilliant, and capable, and my opinion as an avid feminist is that she rocks. I absolutely love her. I love that she isn’t weak, and survives on her own, and doesn’t need anyone I love that her life on the run has been lonely, but she has remained strong and outwitted operatives who are far better trained. I love that she was capable of saving her own life when it came right down to the line.

La huésped

I also love the fact that, as mentioned, she is brilliant. Not just top in her field, but doing work nobody else could even keep up with. And then there is the part where she remains calm in tense situations, thinks clearly, acts with purpose Yeah, I really do absolutely love her.

D I very much appreciated the fact that Meyer didn’t stoop to the use of slang, ‘code’ words used in dialogue, and over exaggerations of “special ops lingo” in an attempt at authenticity.

I was military for 13 years But I have 0 respect descsrgar authors who try to make their books seem extra bad-a by using excessive, and grossly overdone language and terminology. This book stood on its own, and didn’t need such props, and really benefited greatly from not having them. E And finally, the love interest.

I was conflicted at first, but stephehie I was very pleased with the way things turned out. To be honest, I get sick of the constant grind of alpha male, helpless heroine routine, and I ultimately decided this romance made me happy, mostly because it was real.

So those are the things that have most impressed me so far. Now, for the couple of things I struggled with personally as a reader. One wasn’t a super big deal, but meyef other though I lumped it in with the “nitpick” was noticeable enough to me at the start of the book that I almost didn’t mwyer reading. So as for the two things I struggled with: A The POV is third person, which I like infinitely better than first, but the book starts out with a narrator telling the story from a distance, and though that went away, the distance did not.


Sigue al autor

Not for a long time for me. I couldn’t connect with with the heroine. I didn’t dislike her for the first 8 chapters, but nor did I like her.

To be clear, this was not insignificant for me. At one point around chapter 5 I felt so disconnected I started checking to see how many pages were left in the book like a nervous tic, because I didn’t know if I could keep reading for THAT many. It went away, absolutely, and I generally loved the book otherwise. But the extent of my struggle is the specific reason why I knocked off a star.

B It’s a small complaint, but the name thing drove me nuts. The heroine, in the first chapters of the book, not only used different names when she talked to other people, she actually THOUGHT of herself in terms of those names. Normally when using fake names, the character will still think of themselves in terms of their own names, but that wasn’t the case here, and combined with the distance in the POV at the start, it did add to my overall struggle to really become engaged in the character and plot.

That went away too, of course, but again, anything that almost causes me to put a book down, I mention. So my overall thoughts on this book are surprise and pleasure. I had no intention of loving it so much. I have NOT been a Meyer fan for a lot of years, and to be completely honest, I only bought this book so I could read it and then mock it. That was the plan. I even told the plan to my sister also not a Meyer fan and we laughed about it together.

La Saqueadora de Libros

And then I read the book Don’t miss the read, and if you struggle with the distance like I did in the beginning, don’t give it up. I really don’t think you will be sorry I didn’t think in a million years she would change my mind. The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. Former government interrogator Alex has gone by many names in the 3 years she’s been surviving on the run by dint of chemical know-how, obsessive planning, paranoia, and solitude; a trap laid by her former employers takes her life on a very unexpected turn, and she’s suddenly part of a group of secretive survivors that includes dogs, an ex-CIA agent, a high-end escort, and the man who just might be the love of her life–if she can figure out what it actually means to be in love.

Though reviews are inherently subjective, I prefer to provide some organization to my opinions through the use of a personal rubric. The following notes may contain spoilers.